Saturday, September 11, 2010

NOVA Wrap Up/Battle for Salvation Tourney

By UltraBob,

Well now,

I have a lot of info to write about. I failed to post more updates about my army like I wanted to, but I did end up getting the army painted to play at NOVA. Which is a success seeing how I had really only a few weeks to do so. Now the army is clearly not finished, BUT, I am proud to say it looks really great on the table top. I spend a ton of time on the actual Marines, which ironically, barely see the table because they are usually mounted! :D

The left pic you can see my display board. Simple, looked good and got the job done of transporting my models around for the day. It was really simple to make. Its just foam board, half inch thick. They sell like 2x2.5ish ft rectangles at Michaels for 3 bucks. I bought a can of textured spray paint for 5 bucks. This instantly textured it, and then used some paints I had already owned to color it. The frame was about 5 bucks at the Christmas Tree shop. So for under 15 Dollars I had an effective display board. Oh and the rocks were given to me by John DLR from our club. I just dry brushed them!

The Pic on the right is my army in action. You can see the marines have been taken to the next level, where my tanks were just base coated and dry brushed. I did this because I needed to get them up, but now they are primed for further work.

BTW I dont think I painted more for a tournament in my life. My hands and forearms were falling asleep from keeping my models up at my eye level for so long. Dont remember where I found this pic but that was pretty much me August 12th at midnight lol:

So In the morning of the 13th, Danny Internets, Ed, and Eddy Jr, met up at my house. The drive down to Virginia was fine. No real issues with traffic. It really wouldnt have mattered because we were all really pumped to see how this weekend would go.

As Im sure you all heard from others NOVA feedback, the Hotel, Expo Center, Staff etc. were great. Thanks to Mike Brandt and all the people who helped make this event possible. Having run tournaments before I can tell you that level is no easy task. It was executed really well.

We met up with Chris when we reached the hotel.

The Friday night events were a spectacle. From the fact they were live streaming games (warhammer is a spectator sport now), to the "Celeb" turnout, everything was great. Now Im not a drinker but some like that option. Everyone was having a blast.

On to Saturday, I think I will write up Battle Reports for my 4 games, but all of my opponents had relatively competitive lists. Everyone came with the intent to win, yet none of them played to waac. It was really refreshing to play 4 COMPETITIVE games with great opponents at a tournament.

The main thing about Saturday, again Im not gonna really comment on much because most people know all about NOVA by, was that it was FUN. No one I played, saw playing, or had friends play, was a Jerk. Plain and simple, everyone had a great time playing 40K.

At the end of Saturday I was 3-1. I think I was around 24th place overall. I had gotten killed in the Renaissance Man side of the tourney because of paint. Now, my army was not done. But there was paint on everything. I fully blame my lack of points here on Brother Captain James. He said he had painted Ultra Typhoons and clearly from the pics above were lacking. So I think I got a big fat 0 on the "Are all your models painted to the 3 color standard" box.

Well either way I wasnt in the running for best painted, and Dan and Chris both took 1st and 2nd respectively in the Ren Man Competition. Dan got a sweet trophy and some loot. Not too shabby for BFS.

That Brings me to my next topic. At the club, we had been planning a GT for Columbus day weekend. We wanted to wait and see how the NOVA was run before we made any decisions on format. Clearly, this is a progressive move towards a more competitive tournament scene. SO we are emulating Mike Brandts idea and going with a NOVA style GT here in NY.

So for all you out there who wished you could go to NOVA but couldnt, here is a chance to experience some competitive games.

This link will explain to you, everything you need to know for the tournament. We have some hotel accommodations as well for you out of towners. We have our primer packet with scenarios up so you can start to practice. This is something I plan on speaking about soon.

Final thoughts:

NOVA was a huge success. Every event has its flaws and NOVA did too. There was some issues of the points accuracies of one players list. Albeit very small. There were also a few complaints about the function of the Impassable terrain as some of you may already be aware of. These are all correctable things, and Im sure the NOVA staff will address them for the future. It doesnt take away one bit that this was the best, competitive event for Warhammer 40k in recent history. Perhaps ever. Grats to them. Now onto Battle for Salvation.

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