Thursday, October 22, 2009

Captain America would be an Ultramarine, right?

Captain America, the greatest Marvel comic book character, has a lot in common with the Ultramarine chapter. As a matter of fact, there is so much in common that if he were to exist in the forty-first millenium, he would undoubtedly be an Ultramarine Captain.

First, think about it. Hes a human, so cross off Eldar, Dark Eldar, Nidz, Daemons, Orks, Necrons, and Tau. That leaves the Imperium and CSM. And with just a quick thought of Cap' you can immediately discard CSM.

So why not a guardsman officer like Straken or something like that? Because hes altered by the super soldier serum. And if im not mistaken, last time i checked Space Marines are SUPER SOLDIERS, genetically altered to be the pinnacle of human ability. So cross off sisters, and when you think about it Daemon hunters. Not that he couldnt be a grey knight but he isnt geared to fight just one type of enemy. He somehow finds a way to beat all kinds of nasty bad guys that other opponents that would be more "strong" cant defeat. Thor even lets CAP lead in the Secret Wars!!!

So okay hes a space marine. Because his shield is unquestionably a storm shield, and it actually saves him all the time, it cant be a dinky BA DA or BT storm shield. No offense but they are behind the times. Since ive never seen him paling around with a wolf (correct me if im wrong) im going with the codex marines.

Now why Ultramarines? Because something about the honor Ultras have, the following of the codex, the Boy Scout outlook. Some say they are too goodie goodie but those are people that dont appreciate the chivalry and the honorable path! I say hed be an Ultramarine because hes well rounded and capable enough to beat anyone.

Now i know im kind of being silly about this so if you want Cap to be a frodo Ratling in your mind then go for it. Just thinking out loud.....

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