Saturday, October 31, 2009

What Works For You? Subject: Power Fists

So I was at our regular gaming night, at Battle for Salvation, play testing an Ultra list, when I noticed Ed had brought back an old marine army he had. What startled me was that he completely changed around his list from all drop pods to a mech marine list. I looked at it and realized it was very similar to mine. Ed and I always talk after gaming nights about lists and tactics and it was this night I realized something.

He had some preferences that I dont do, like how we outfit our predators. Also he uses a Crusader, I like the Redeemer. But those are little things. What struck me the most was the tactical squads. He usually combat squads them and takes razorbacks. I can not stand combat squads! I seriously hate them with a passion! I give my sergeants powerfists and throw them in rhinos. Now, I have read enough blogs to know that its probably best to drop the fists and get points back, especially if I plan on using assalut terminators for my CC.

Ive never been a huge fan of terminators. And actually in the beginning I wasnt even a fan of Space Marines. But now my tacticals have been my "everything units". I like troops. They are my favorite pieces in any army. Im a dork and I like teamwork! Im a fan of the lowly trooper becoming a hero. IDEALS.... Anyway, Im definitely a pragmatist when it comes to this game. I believe you should do what works best for you. Ed is a great player, and for him this is how he uses his tactical squads.

Now just because something works for you doesnt mean its a good choice. I think people go from habit to habit. Once you find something you like you need to replicate it because you feel you will get the same response. Sorta like drinking or drugs. GO DARE! Or being a Phillies fan...Only until you have some realization that what your doing could be improved will you change your list. I still see people going nuts with plasma guns all the time. If its what makes them happy then they should do it, but they should acknowledge it may not be the best choice. I know with the new lists ive been working on, my tacticals dont need fists, but I like them. And theres nothing wrong with that.

Ed did a nice job persuading me to try them without fists and instead give the sarge a melta bomb just incase I do need to deal with a vehicle, or if a dreadnought tries to get funny with me and assault. I wouldnt have even considered the switch until Ed talked it over with me that monday night telling me how I may spend my extra saved points.

This is why I am writing this post. This is a series where I will ask the question: "What works for you". I will wish to continue this segment and get feed back on this because I like to see the way other people think. I have my ways that Im set in when I play Warhammer and you do too. The only way people will mix things up and get out of their set ways is to learn from other peoples strategies and ideas. And personally, I think everyone likes to give and recieve a little advice. So let me know if you think dropping powerfists on my tactical squads is a good or bad choice.


  1. I have been using less fists and more melta bombs lately. I can honestly say that I'm not missing the fists in 80% of my games.

  2. Thats what im realizing. Im going to give the fists a rest for a while. Play test the new squads a few games. Tomorrow im going to play Fritz and his Saim Hann. Il do a Batlle Report, should be a good test.