Saturday, July 10, 2010

Road to Nova 2010-Inventory

No pics, the camera is MIA. When I find it I will post some up.

With roughly 5 weeks until the Nova Open and tons of work still to do, I figure that I should plan out my course of action. This will help me see where to start and prioritize things in the next few weeks.

First I am going to look at what I have at my disposal. Since I want to play with Space Marines, this will mean I need to paint and build quite a bit. This is the only option though since my Imperial Guard are really geared toward 4th edition and Necrons just plain suck.

I have 3 categories for what level my Marines are at. Inventory as follows:

1) New In Box
-Drop Pod
-10 Tactical Marines
-5 Scouts
-5 Assault Marines

2) Built
-All HQ Choices and Ultramarine Characters
-2 Predators
-1 Land Raider (Regular)
-1 Razorback
-3 MM/HF Land Speeders
-5 TH SS Termies
-5 Black Reach Termies

3) Base-coated
-30 Tactical Marines
-2 Rhinos
-1 Drop Pod
-1 Dread MM/HF
-1 Dread Autocannons
-1 Land Raider (Crusader/Redeemer)
-5 Scouts, sgt power fist
-5 Scouts, snipers, telion

For most of these I have all the options available. Some like the speeders, and black reach stuff I do not or the options are glued in. I also have a ton more scouts but they probably will never again see the light of day.

The next step will be to find some lists, play test, and find a list to paint. Now I will be painting before I finalize my list because there are some things I know I will use, like Tact Squads.

Tomorrow I will post up some list ideas, and Monday I will be play testing. Once I do finalize my list, I will start to prepare a display board and smaller details for the army.

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