Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Road to Nova 2010

So I have gotten the itch to blog again. Its been a while, with no real progress on my army, but I did do well in the Ard Boyz this year. I won the prelim I went to and was hanging in until the end of the semis, but Daemons got the best of me. Since I had some success with marines, I have decided that I want to finish painting the army. In order to do this I would need some fire under me. I need to force myself to finish. Thus, I have booked myself a ticket to the Nova Open.

The Nova is the GT in Virginia that is being promoted on many of the blogs out there. I was drawn to it because of the elimination style pairing. Finally, a tournament where the winner will be decided in a final game between the top two players. I am psyched about it and I am going to be posting about my preparation. I have a bunch of things planned including display board, list building and practice games (and yes, I know its only 5 weeks away!).

I hope it turns out to be a success will inspire others to finish their own armies too. I will be happy so long as I'm not pulling my hair out painting the night before! Lets pray it doesn't get that far...

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  1. hey maybe you guys can go to alternative universes again lol just kidding. nice to see that your blogging again